Youth Mentoring Program

Caring mentors help teens face every-day challenges, find opportunities, and take control of their future.


Teenage years
can be

• Staying motivated in school

• Being uncertain about the future

• Wanting independence, but lacking skills & resources


How can you help? volunteer as a mentor!


Youth who have a mentor are more likely to:

• Attend high school regularly and graduate

• Go to college or get vocational training

• Be employed

• Have more positive attitudes and social connections

• Avoid justice system involvement

WHat's involved?

Developing a trusting, one-on-one relationship between mentor and mentee is the primary objective.  

Mentors support their mentees identify and accomplish goals during a year-long series of weekly meetings.  

Schedules are decided by each mentoring match, and goals and activities are youth-driven.

Training and on-going support are provided.


What makes a good mentor?

Good mentors:  

• are good listeners

• show up

• respect others

• avoid judgement

• enjoy teenagers

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