Community Is Where You Give.

Associate Volunteer: Assists with office work, filing, data entry, creating training files, updating website, social media, and fundraising.


Advocate Volunteer:  As an officer of the court an advocate meets with families in which the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court determined a child has been abused and neglected. As an advocate, you would be responsible for interviewing parties to the case, monitoring compliance to the court’s orders, reporting your findings to the court in a written report, and assisting the child’s attorney in order to recommend what is in the best interest of the child. (Pre-service training required)


Awareness/Fundraising: Create an awareness/ fundraising activity in your community in support of CASA.  Your community can be a club, organization, church group, etc...


Board Member: To oversee the management of Colonial CASA and to assist the Executive Director in carrying out the mission, making CASA known in the community, and overall support of the program.


Become a Member of one of our Board Committees

Board Committees

Governance Committee

The members of the Committee may be chosen by the President and approved by the majority of the Board.  

The Governance Committee will:

  • Review bylaws annually

  • Implement an annual orientation and training program for new and existing Board members

  • Develop and utilize a system to identify, secure, and retain quality board and advisory members and ensure CASA’s commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities CASA serves

  • Annually review and adjust, where needed, its overall membership and leadership structure, including advisory committees

  • Annually produce a slate of officers for board approval

Advancement Committee

The members of the Committee may be chosen by the President and approved by the majority of the Board. 


The Advancement committee will:

  • Annually present a Fundraising Plan that is approved by the Board

  • Ensure there’s a specific fundraising target

  • Ensure prospect research occurs to identify how much money might be raised from different types of resources

  • Identify specific, potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources

  • Develop an action plan about who is going to approach what source, how and by when

  • Provide oversight for fundraising and special events

  • Ensure effective administrative systems to track grants and donations

  • Contribute expertise to assist staff in establishing organizational marketing, branding and communication plans and initiatives.

  • Build on current brand and develop creative market outreach programs that will drive new partners and friends.

  • Advise staff on strategies and development for various marketing including communications channels and web presences such as, electronic/social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), newsletter, public relations, website and printed collateral.

  • Maintain and build relationships with key industry partners and members of the press in conjunction with staff efforts.

  • Identify key speaking engagements for staff and community to help market and brand the center.