CASA Stories



Harry's Story

My name is Harry and I’m 10.  

I’m an only child and live with my mom.

I’ve never met my dad.

I love my mom more than anything on earth.

But she has problems.

I get very scared and confused about what’s wrong with her.

Sometimes she goes out and doesn’t come home all night.

Sometimes she comes home late sick and angry and I hide.

Sometimes I’m scared of the strangers she brings home.

Sometimes I can’t wake her up when it’s time for me to go to school.

I have to stay home and take care of her…

Because she has problems.

The judge says she isn’t taking care of me right.

He sent a nice woman to visit me.

She is my CASA.

She talks to me and my mom and even draws with me.

She seems to want to help us.

She is the only person who comes around a lot just to talk to ME.

More stories:

She cares about what I like to do and what I want.

I really like her.

She knows my favorite color is red and my favorite food is tacos.

She even knows that one day I want to be a firefighter.

She figured out that I need medicine and glasses to do better in school.

One day she told me that she was going to meet with the judge.

She asked me if there was anything that I wanted him to know.

I said… ”Just tell him that I really am a good kid.”

She promised me that she would help me and my mom.

And you know what?

She really did help us!!

My Mom has a job and is going to some doctors to get better.

I am living with a relative now but I still get to see my Mom a lot.

I’m taking the medicine that I need and I love my new school.

My teachers say I am SMART!

I’m on the “Perfect Attendance List” and “Honor Roll”!

I have so many friends, and so much fun…

I can’t believe this is really my life!



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